9 Masks of Fire New Zealand

Do you like the more traditional style of online slots with paylines that don’t reach into the hundreds, and features that are user-friendly and easy to follow?

If so, 9 Masks of Fire should be on your must-play list as this one ticks off so many boxes. It manages to blend traditional features with exciting graphics and an almost-mysterious aura about it.

For this game, Microgaming and Gameburger Studios have teamed up, each bringing an impressive list of pros and experiences to the table. So, let’s take a look at all the ways 9 Masks of Fire will impress players.

Bonuses and Features

The basics of the game are impressive, but the bonuses and special features are what make this even more fun and potentially offer higher winnings. As mentioned, there is a bonus round, as well as free spins, multipliers, and a scatter feature. With the free spin feature, you can win an unlimited number of spins and there is a multiplier that goes up to 3x.

As for the scatter feature, there are three scatter symbols and each one provides a cash bonus. You can increase your winnings by landing on more scatter symbols.

As its name implies, this one has an interesting mask theme about it, which adds to the mysterious vibe. The color palette plays off the theme with bright shades of yellow, red, orange, blue, and pink appearing. Symbols on the playing grid are classic and basic such as jewels, lucky 7s, bars, bells, dollar signs, and more but it makes the game feel familiar and inviting.

If you’re ready to expand your options in terms of online slots, 9 Masks of Fire is well worth adding to your library of games.