Basic Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a casino game which dates from the early 18th century, although similar games were in evidence a hundred years earlier. Despite its age, roulette continues to be incredibly popular, and you can now play roulette at casinos across the globe, as well as playing it in online casinos alongside exciting pokies. On the surface it seems simple: a ball is placed into a spinning wheel containing 37 numbers (1 to 36, and that all important green zero, although some offline casinos also include an extra green double zero). You win by placing chips on a winning number or by covering a series of numbers which includes the number in which the ball lands. As all roulette players know, however, it can pay to have a good roulette strategy. Here's our basic guide to roulette strategy, and how it can work for you.

Spread Your Chances Of Winning

If you place a chip on a single number that comes up, you get paid at odds of 35 to 1. That sounds very enticing, and it can lead to a very generous payout, but it's important to remember that the odds of landing this are 36 to 1 (or 37 to 1 if a double zero is present). Don't spend all night betting on single numbers but spread your bets instead. It's always nice to have a chip or two on single numbers that catch your eye, but you should also increase your chances of a return by betting on sequences, such as red or black, odd or even, a corner (taking in four numbers) or a street (a horizontal row of three numbers).

Observe The Sequences

A scientist will tell you, of course, that at each spin, every number has an equal chance of winning, but everyone who plays or watches roulette will tell you that in their experience, it can be very different. For whatever reason, sequences can and do occur. For example, you can get a run of 9 out of 10 red or black numbers, a cold number that doesn't show up in hours, or a hot number that appears three times inside a dozen spins. One of the great advantages of online casinos is that you can't have to physically write down the results, as they're displayed on screen for you. These stats can be your best friend, always take notice of them and consider whether they're sending you a hint for your next move.

Don't Get Distracted

Brick and mortar and online casinos can be exciting places for many reasons, but that means you can be distracted, and when you don't concentrate your chances of winning diminish. You may also find yourself betting more than you realise, and that's another big no-no. Put distractions to one side, turn down your music if you're playing right here online and increase your chances of spotting sequences and making a smart move.

These three simple tips should form the cornerstone of your basic roulette strategy, alongside the golden rule of only betting what you can truly afford. Another quick tip that many follow is to always leave your stake on a winning number, as you'll be surprised how often they appear twice in a row. Finally, many roulette players insist that a positive attitude can make a big difference to their results, so if you want to carry that lucky crystal with you, go right ahead. Finally, remember those two important words: have fun.