Fire and Roses Joker NZ Review

Fire and Roses Joker game is a fun addition to the pokie arena. There are plenty of ways to win prizes, and its high volatility means you have a good chance of seeing some as you play. With five bonus rounds, it’s all to play for.

How Do You Win

It’s all good to say there are 720 ways to win, but how do you do it? It’s pretty straightforward. For this game, Fire and Roses Joker requires players to find three matching symbols on the board to secure a prize. Which symbol you find will determine how big your RTP prize is. Like most other pokie-style games out there, this is based on a multiplier times your original bet.

Stats and Jackpot that Makes it Worth Your Time

Let’s highlight some main game features so you can see how the fun might pan out.

Minimum Bet: 0.2
Maximum Bet: 50
RTP: 96.01%
Ways to Win: 720
Reels: 5
Pokies Format: 3-4-5-4-3
Free Spins: Yes
Jackpot: 5 options
Biggest Jackpot: 10,000x Original bet

Of course, you want to know about the jackpots and what they bring. For this game, each reel has its jackpot potential option. When the jackpot symbol is in action, the options are as follows.

Reel Number One: 10x original bet
Reel Number Two: 200x original bet
Reel Number Three: 1,000x original bet
Reel Number Four: 50x original bet
Reel Number Five: 5x original bet

Alongside this, you can also win the spin option. This will increase the jackpot by 0.5x and lets you take a spin on the Wheel of Fortune bonus feature, where you can win any jackpots offered across the reels. Your multiplier increases every time you land a jackpot symbol on a reel. You can go up to 10,000x your original bet, but it doesn’t happen that often.

Free Spins and Max Number of Multipliers

To secure a free spin, you must make 5 scatters appear on your screen. You can win big with the free spins and instant-win jackpot features.

There are a few multipliers worth talking about in Fire and Roses Joker. Firstly, if you land a scatter symbol, the minimum you can play is 6 free spins with a multiplier x1. The most you can see is 11 free spins with 10x multipliers. There is also an option to do 6 free spins with 15x multipliers. It all depends on what symbols you get and how many reels you plan on playing.

The High RTP

As a player, anything over 96% should be a decent return if you play enough games. This means whatever you pay initially has a good potential of returning to your pot and even multiplying if you find the correct symbols.

Try your luck at this classic format pokie and follow the fiery rose to the big prize. Another game with high RTP is Blazing Bison Gold Blitz.