Tippy Tavern NZ Pokie

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got a fun new leprechaun-themed online slot to play. Tippy Tavern will test the luck of the Irish, and yours, with plenty of thrills and fun. And while this game will play off St. Patrick’s Day perfectly, it’s the lively and bright theme and symbols that will capture your attention. So, let’s review all we know about Tippy Tavern online slots.


Keeping Things Basic Yet Filled with Fun

As mentioned, this is yet another release from well-known developer Snowborn Games. What this developer seems to understand is that players appreciate fun theming, sounds, and graphics, but at the same time, the games need to be easy to understand, user-friendly, and have that unique artistic quality about them. It’s all about keeping a balance between ease of use and analytics-based gameplay.

Other recent releases from the developer that you may be familiar with include Pile Em Up, Peaky Pigs, Masters of Olympus, Cats of the Caribbean, and Masters of Valhalla.

As you scroll through the developer’s library you start to see some common threads, as it’s clear Snowborn Games is intent on making a strong reputation in the industry. And just to ensure the game reaches everyone interested, this game will be available to play on your desktop computer and mobile device.

Tippy Tavern Pulls Off the Theme Flawlessly

Just as you may imagine, Snowbown Games has hit a home run when it comes to graphics, animations, and themes in general. Everything about Tippy Tavern feels fun and whimsical as you are transported to a classic-looking Irish pub with leprechauns playing a big part.

The backdrop is the pub, and there are plenty of items that help to set the scene such as wine barrels, kegs, glasses of brightly colored drinks, illuminated bar signs, and more. Gold and green are the predominant colors used, which helps to set the scene perfectly.

Taking a look at the symbols used on the gaming grid you’ll find gold coins, a harp, a pipe, four-leaf clovers, face cards as bottle caps, and more. It’s meant to be lively and fun, just as the “Happy Hour” sign suggests.

The Quick Basics of the Game

As for the quick basics of the game, this one has five reels and three rows giving players a modest 20 paylines. This keeps the game compact and easy to follow, which many players appreciate. It has a high volatility rating and an RTP of 96.22% while the hit frequency is 25.78%. The minimum bet is $0.20, and the maximum is $30. Players can win up to 7,500 times the stake.

As for the special features, you’ve got a few that can extend playtime and your winnings. The features include a scatter symbol, wild symbol, coin symbol, bonus symbol, 1UP symbol, collect symbol, free spins, and even a Happy Hour bonus that feels perfectly thought out.

So, if you like the idea of themed games for St. Patrick’s Day and are looking for something fun to check out, Tippy Tavern is a must-play.